Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend sewing

Well not just sewing.  Costco was happy to see me as I spent my way back into their heart.  Lots of fruits and veggies because once Fat Tuesday is over, I'm going to try a juice fast.  I would love to commit to 30 days, but I'll be realistic and go for three, then 3 more, and we'll see from there.  Loaded up on celery, cucumbers, carrots, apples, blackberries, blueberries, acai, and spinach, maybe I'll pick up some kale later in the week.  I will add protein powder to one or two per day depending on how I feel.  I do feel like I should juice fast in the summer when we have lots of homegrown produce, but I wanted to do it now after the 30 day diet I did after the first of the year.Lost 10 pounds in January, a two week break, then 30 days (maybe) of juicing.  Then 2 week break and the New Adkins will begin.  Just getting a good jump start as it seems a bit easier to lose in the winter.  My goal is 85 pounds off this year.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabric addict.  *ugh*  What is it about fabric anyway?  I don't like feeling out of control but, well, I think I just might be when it comes to fabric.  I keep saying "No more!" but the packages keep coming!  Feeding the addiction doesn't make it go away, it just makes it stronger.  I can justify almost any fabric purchase with my twisted logic.  "It's on sale!"  "It won't be available when I decide what I'm going to make with it!"  "It's just a half a yard.  What's the harm?"  "I don't spend money on anything else"  "I make these for other people, not me, so it's not a selfish thing" "Pretty!  Need it!  Have to HAVE IT NOW!"  Goodness there is nothing good about this!  Hopefully facing the beast and seeing it for what it is (my desire for instant gratification) will help me get over it a bit.  Ha!  Sure.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step to correcting it.  Um yeah.  I guess I'll try again to keep my resolution--no more fabric--today.  lol

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday agains

Cold, cold here in Virginia today!  Brrr.  Good day to stay inside and get things done!

I wanted to post some of my projects.  These are my "Paris" blocks in progress.  I also wanted to show how I use those little clip hangars to hold my blocks in progress.  They work really well and are about 12 inches.  I also have some that hold my prepared bindings so as soon as I get my quilts from Sandy (who does my long arm quilting) my binding is ready to go.  I also feel happy when I see the bindings because I know my quilts are in process of becoming quilted and, well, that's what they are meant to be!  I will see her at the end of the month and hopefully she will have one done for me (she has 4 of mine right now).


Paris zoom

Happy throw
"Paris" is nearly finished and I'll post when it's together.  Happy day to you!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sewing Saturday

Well that's the plan!  After a trip to the farm for eggs yesterday, I figured I should go ahead and run grocery errands while I was out.  I went to Costco, then Wegman's, ugh, by the time I got it all put away I was ready for a nap and a glass of wine!  I talked with my son and watched him make a fabulous dinner for us and then watched a movie with my daughter.  Time well spent, but not sewing productive!  I did take 3 quilt tops to the quilter last week, so I have been crazy sewing these last few weeks.

I finished the nearly king sized BOM cottage quilt last week;  I need to post the pictures from my camera.  Also the Covenant Garden and Christmas Presence quits.  I made 2 baby quilts this week as well.  Working on 2 more baby quilts and hopefully get Paris quilt top finished this weekend.  Good thing my son is my housekeeper!  lol  I feel blessed to have the twins living with us.  I know its hard for them at 24 to be with mom and dad, but such is the economy of now.   

Friday, February 1, 2013

Watching a few snow flurries *gasp* fly past my sewing room window.  Two days ago it was 73 degrees, today it is 33.   The River that runs through the "backyard" is up today from all the rain.  It's a tidal river and it is just under flood stage this morning.  It is beautiful to see from a distance; makes me very happy I can see it without worrying it will reach all the way up here to my little happy house.  Blustery winds are blowing from the north swaying the trees at the rivers edge.  The main part of the river is in the far distance; the wetlands are still draining the rainwater into the river.  I spend so much time up here on my days off; this view is so changeable day to day.

Quilting plan for today is to piece the Paris quilt top.  It is cut and ready, but first I need to run out to the local farm to get eggs for the week.  I will post pictures of my quilt progress this afternoon.  Hoping it gets completely done today!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I got one of those shoe things to hold my fabrics that are 3 yards or more. Gosh there is so much when I gather it in one spot!

Below is a close up of the top of the cabinet. I know it's cluttered but I know where everything is and it is very compact! I think the storage drawers are holding at least 600 yards of fabric. WooHoo! I'd better call my homeowners insurance and add a fabric rider to the policy!

My cutting table & mega fabric storage thingy. Love having it all neat, tidy and compact!